While I was preparing this post the thought of "Little Red Riding Hood all grown up!" popped up. It would be a fun twist to have my adult version of an child's tale character. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not interested in that. Here's the thing, I want to finish this painting soon so I can get back on track to finishing previous projects so I can start new projects.


I am quite promiscuous with art projects. I think of the next idea while the instant is playing out which leaves me with so many uncompleted projects. It is not a lack of love and devotion. The disadvantage here is that, sometimes when you get back to that previous canvas, you are trying to catch a feeling you have moved out of. Like cold soup, a reminiscence of what was. When I get that feeling of disconnection, it is a sign to come back when it feels right, only that could be weeks, months later. The good part is that it rare to scroll through a dozen portraits and not find one that feels right for the moment and more importantly, there might be something more you never saw before.

Art projects are like books. There are books you don't mind taking in a chapter each day while reading a new book.






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