Hello there!

Hopefully everyone is doing great. Here's one of my recent artwork titled THE OBSERVATION


When I started this artwork, it was more about the process, trying something different. However before I finished, I had a unpleasant experience. I was harassed in a public bus by the bus driver which later fueled my thoughts as I worked through this project. I was treated unfairly while the 10 or more other passengers remained silent choosing to not get involved (probably because they did not want to receive the same response from the driver). So I thought about how much dirt gets swept under the carpet, how much nuisance behaviour gets indirectly surported, how;

bullying is prevalent in our society because good folks love to mind their business.

And that is THE OBSERVATION. I admit I have been guilty of staying silent in similar circumstances. Never again for me and I hope you understand the need to speed up and against abuse in any form.

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And that's all for now folks.

Take care, stay safe
And today I add
be your neighbour's keeper



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