I guess I can say the idea for this portrait was born in a dream.

I woke up one morning with words invoked by a dream I could barely remember. It would have been caught up in lines of poetry had I found a pen and paper fast enough. It was about "fresh nectar poured into old vessels", "euphoria close to mania", "the shivers of the aftermath" and "the silhouettes you try to hide from".

This has a 'splash' of a lot of red the color of blood, vitality, passion and pleasure as well as madness and anger. In this lies associations with Bacchus' wine, the sweetest nectar. Bacchus wine being a metaphor. Drink too much and you would drown either into the freedom from one's normal self or the bondage of the inability to return to innocence. I believe such liberation is SWEET NOTHING.


Minted on KnownOrigin