Hello there!

Well, if you celebrate the reason for the holidays, I wish you a happy Good Friday and Easter celebration. If not, happy holidays. I took along walk this morning, about 3km and then came back home so full of energy. I wish I could do this every morning because it is a very good start for the day.

Today I want to share this 'work in progress'. It is a three part series, that would be going up on ASYNC.ART four time change. This would be the second use of this feature. You can check out the first one JELLYFISH.


That's what I think will be the night variant because nothing has decided yet on the final publication. I guess I'm still having fun exploring. In this variant, my SUNFLOWER is sleeping and and who knows maybe in the morning she will be daydreaming then in the afternoon her eyes open and close in the evening and back at night. It is kind of like how I want to spend today, just being easy, listen to some music, maybe watch a movie later on and a very big maybe do some art.

If you follow my art, I am sure you would have noticed how this goes with ROSES AND THORNS as well as JELLYFISH which can be placed as a pair with Faun.


So we really have a split collection with a fantasy theme. See also this variant of ROSES AND THORNS.


To cast the net wider, COME AND GET YOUR LOVE was originally set for this collection before taking a different route.


This is generally what happens to me when it takes a long time to complete an art project. Others ideas sip in fortunately and unfortunately(at least in terms of coherence).

Well, that's all for now folks.

IF you are interested in the flower theme, see also

Have a great weekend!

Take care and stay safe



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