I feel it is time to ease out of the holiday mode. I have had a wonderful time with my family this past three weeks. A major breakthrough in the last part of the year made the holidays sweeter. It was good and I hope to flow in more goodness this year.

So yes, Happy New Year one and all. I hope this year brings you joy and peace.


I decided to 'dip' my hands in some paint today. Creative expressionism is an important way to connect with being alive whether you are working in a garden or rearranging a living space.

cvvb .png

And again I amuse myself by using the same model. Also a reminder that I have a similar unfinished painting. One of the few things I do not mind carrying over to the new year.

Finally,sending best wishes and appreciation to each of you who individually and collectively made been here on Hive a great experience. Thanks to the Alienart community for being my niche and all the curators working hard to provide support.