Hello there!

Brand new week and I hope you had a great weekend. Yesterday, I spent the day at a wedding my brother was bestman to and I had my sister and nieces with me.

I believe I stated I was going to give painting a break. Well I never did. I tried to but then we woke up to the whole Ukraine situation and how the world can be so bad. I had to work to redirect my mind.

A new series BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTIONS, begins with RELISH,a call on cherishing the present. Eyes are symbolic in my art. They represent state of mind or action. At the basics, closed eyes is introspective and open is observatory and interractive. There's also the presence and absence of pupil as well as the colour of the sclera. A 'dark/black sclera only' tends to be more confrontational while white could either be blindness or openness.

Gloomy (1).gif

Should the final art have her eyes open or closed? The response so far is that both versions are equally preferred. What do you think?

And that's all for now folks.

Take care and stay safe



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