Hello there,

One of the best part of my days is when I finish an art project and I'm looking a the results with the satisfaction of having a ice cold beverage. Only difference is that the satisfaction is more than physical pleasure.

This was an entirely spontaneous. I have found that when working with silhouette portraits there's always that 'okay I have this head and shoulders, what's next? What's next is the icing on the cake.

I loved (still do) this basic portrait below with the pop of red hair and honestly, I could have painted in the background and said "done!“. You know when you can work your art on a digital field you tend to fall into this mindset of wanting to make everything perfect with perfect lines, shades and tones. That's great if that's really your style. But there's beauty in a little roughness around the edges. It's life. That's why I love combining textures with these silhouettes to give them something you can hold on to.

However, I'm under the influence of my previous artworks. I went on to develop it further.


As a final touch, I had a soft brush set to color dodge (you can also set your layer to color dodge with a normal brush) to add that light effect.


You can find this artwork on Makersplace. Thank you.