Hello there, in continuation of my portrait series, I'm sharing another portrait titled "Happy Hour".

Here's the quick look at the process on Sketchbook.

I made a recent decision on my art process with respect to how far I wish to go towards realism. While I love employing, I do not want to get lost and also lose the little cohesiveness I have been building.


The drink was the highlight and took over 8 layers. I had to merge the drink layers on the go because I was running out of layers. Used an airbrush to create the liquid and chill effects. I think I did an okay job distinguishing what's submerged in the drink and what's sticking out.

So, this may not be the final form for this painting but it's the end of my paint process and the base for photo manipulations.

The End

Thank you for your attention.

I am Voke. As a digital artist, I create art in a way that feels right for each art project. I am very much into abstractions but you can find me incorporating two or more art styles. My interests include pop art, collaging, glitching and processing.