Hello there, it's another Friday and the start of what would hopefully be a great weekend.

Yesterday, I was freestyling and testing brushes to warm up. I tend to know 80% of what I want to create before I start painting but with one stroke after another and my warm exercise started developing into an interesting idea.

The Process
Painted on Infinite Painter (Android version). Brushes used;

  1. Indian ink brush
  2. Tapered ink pen
  3. Soft airbrush
  4. Custom brushes


Art and Words
I have titled the finished painting "Imbuing Nostalgia". Art can inspire words and words can inspire art. On "Imbuing Nostalgia", I wrote:

A mourning metaphor decays
even the very essence of it's
The sanguine bells,
I no longer hear.
Come with me to see the stain of memories.
The cold hand on my shoulder as
I long for the past.>

You can view the animated version here:

The End

Thank you for your attention.

I am Voke. As a digital artist, I create art in a way that feels right for each art project. I am very much into abstractions but you can find me incorporating two or more art styles. My interests include pop art, collaging, glitching and processing and more recently, portraits.