I have had fever induced hallucinations two or three times in the past. Not an experience I would wish to repeat. But last night, I had an episode. I was asleep, In deep sleep I believe, and then there was a loud sound. It was as though something or someone had dropped hard on the floor. First, I was unsure the sound had been real. Could it be an extension from a dream? Then I was certain it was real and had occurred close to me.

I opened my eyes. It was dark and I could see dark shapes hanging at the edge of my sight. Shapes not of man. Could it be my eyes trying to adjust to the dark? There was a faint light from a door left slightly open. If you think this was all progressive thoughts and evaluations, you are wrong. All of this happened and was perceived in an instant. The sound, the waking and the trying to understand, was an event between two heartbeats.

I recall the fear. No, it was terror and a flood of confusion and the question 'Where am I?'. Some rational part of my brain was trying to tell me I was home, in bed and all was well. That message was not transmitting fast enough. Could be I was too frightened to listen or even that rational mind was not certain.

And so it was, that as I froze midway of getting out of the bed, - yes, fight or flight has been subconsciously triggered - I understood all. I was not in my bed. I was not at my home and more importantly, I was not alone.