Nyctophilium #1


Hello there, here's a new creation from one of my paintings. This was inspired by my love for dark places and dreaming.

As a light sleeper, I hear every drip drop of the night. Watched closely, you would think I don't sleep at all but there's usually one or two 20-30 mins timeframe, each night, that I do fall asleep. There are nights I don't sleep at all and it's not insomnia.

When it's dark, especially at night, I feel much more comfortable. There's less distractions and my thoughts gain colour. Dreams flow sweeter in the dark like it's has been set in a cinema. You feel more and dive deeper into the reserved corners of your imagination. My dreams being visual representations of my thoughts where I am the both actor.

Maybe I would have slept a bit last night if I was not finishing a painting and turning it into video art I love. I shared the still image above but you can watch the video at

Oh well that's all for now. Thank you for your attention.