Naborhi/Portrait Painting

Names have a role to play in life. If you believe in the laws of attraction and affirmations then you would understand how the name you are called is a part of you.


Naborhi means 'born with good destiny'. I tend to create a background story for the subjects of my portraits. In this, I imagine Naborhi is a woman in her thirties. She has lived most of her adult life under her own terms but many would consider her a disappointment because they expected more from Naborhi. She was expected to shine among her peers. In the ways that seem to matter to society, she is unsuccessful.

However, Naborhi is not concerned about the present. She is fully aware of what she can achieve and she will achieve the best.

Okay enough about elaborate tales. This is a glimpse of the process.

There's still some fine tuning needed but I'll let it be for now and come back later.

A good day to you. Thank you for your attention.