Mango Light — Digital Art

Hello there, happy new week. Today, I'm sharing the conversion of an original painting to collage art.
Project 5_2.png

First is the painting.

This 'work in progress' seascape was lost when my paint application crashed. I could only access a saved png file and not the project file to continue. So I decided to spin the png file into collage to save work done.

Here's the collection of images used. All from pixabay.

I create most of my art on my mobile phone. For this collage art, I made use of sketchbook.

The camera scope lines are mine. I was originally going for a ridiculous scenery (see size of the ant for example) which was slightly turned down eliminating objects and subjects that would have been featured.

"You never know where you're going until you get there"


Fun Fact
Last Saturday, my umbrella broke off the handle and was gone with the wind.

Thank you.

The End

I am Voke. As a digital artist,I create art in a way that feels right for each art project. I am very much into abstractions but you can find me incorporating two or more art styles. My interests include pop art, collaging, glitching and processing.