Golden Birdie

A couple of months ago I received and accepted a commission from the Cent team, to create an artwork for their Valuables platform. I was very much excited to be invited to be a part of the project. Cent was my first introduction into cryptoart back in 2019 when it was the major cryptoart hub outside twitter.

The task was to design an artwork along the lines

"First Tweet Minted as an NFT
Congratulations! You minted your first tweet! You’re basically a crypto nerd."

And here's what I came up with:


It was the second time I have had to work based on specific instructions which is exciting and a bit scary. The first was bad experience the last time I would rather forget about. I had worked hours in days, finished and delivered, only to find out that I needed to be KYCd to be a part of the project. This, at that time was impossible because I was waiting for my passport, didn't have a driver's license and no one in my country has a National Identity card. So I was upset about wasting my time and energy with no apology on why there was no full disclosure at the very beginning.

So yes, this is my first successful and unstressful commission. I am really proud of that. Yay!