Hello there,

Today is about my new oil painting 'GODDESS OF NONCONFORMITY'. As an introduction, I started a retro-inspired art collection that includes elements of pop art and glitch art. My early intention was to paint with Indian ink or just plain smooth ink but I found myself testing my concept in an oil painting.


I went with some big brush strokes for that abstracted and minimalist feel. Palette was completely random except for the hair. Red hair is one of my favorite hair colors next to white, and flamboyant colors like purple, blue and green.

Now the GODDESS OF NONCONFORMITY has absolutely nothing to do with glamor or elegance which are superficial. Her values lie the strength of her will in seeking out her own path and following her own rules un perturbed by the standards others have set in terms of how she should look and behave, the things she should desire or her ambitions....


On this I wrote:

If you ask me "what is the meaning of this form?". I will tell you "it is a waiting river, positively charged and ready to burst with no pretenses."

This portrait was minted on KnownOrigin.