Fluttering Out of Existence - Where are the Butterflies?

When I was younger, a child, I used to sneak up on butterflies and trap them in a cage made by cupping both palms together. I would hang on for a couple of minutes and then let it go. The fun was in the ability to catch a creature that flies.

The last time I saw one was in the past December. I saw a beautiful butterfly flutter by me so I followed it until it landed on a leaf. After several failed attempts to get closer to have a better look at it and even take a picture, I realised two things. First, either I had become less agile or butterflies are now wiser and have developed some kind of sixth sense or third eye. You can not get close.

Secondly, I realised how rare butterflies had become. I remembered a time when you can never see just one butterfly around a wildflower bush.

So was it kids like me trying to catch butterflies? The truth is sometimes wings get hurt in the process. Was it deforestation? Urbanisation? Pollution? Most likely a cummulation of so many factors.

The scary part is that we might be heading to future where there are no butterflies in the wild and the only place to see a butterfly would be protected sanctuaries.

Here's my artwork, an enhanced painting I made titled "Fluttering into Disappearance"

The End

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I am Voke. As a digital artist. I create art in a way that feels right for each art project. I am very much into abstractions but you can find me incorporating two or more art styles. My interests include pop art, collaging, glitching and processing.