FEEL No. 2

Hello there!

How are you today? How was your weekend? I was binging on Chicago PD and had good company all through the weekend. But then last night we watched a scary movie which had me a little suspicious of every shadow around the house. It will pass.

FEEL NO. 2 is the second in a collection. See the first here. Currently published on https://foundation.app/@voke/ds22/4


I thought I should share some of my music because they help me put together my thoughts and feelings in better order. I have a preference for the EDM genre. I prefer less lyrics and structured music if that is the right way to put it. So you will also find me listening to classical music like Erik satie gymnopedie 1, Miserere mei deus... Beautiful sounds to lift your spirits.

This Chillstep channel has a large collection. Each mix is an average of two hours so you can shut out distractions. More importantly, you know when it ends, you have been working for two hours and it's time to take a break and maybe take a walk and stretch a little. Necessary for your mind and body.

And that's all for now folks. Have a wonderful new week.

Take care and stay safe



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