FEEL No. 1

Hello there!

How's everyone doing out? It sure is a crazy time we are living in. The global economy is in shambles and we're not seeing the breakout point, well at least not in my side of the world. I got a fresh batch of black tea from my usual brand and was astonished I could not get a cup of tea out of one teabag anymore. It took three bags. So we have reduced quality, quantity as well as price increase. Sadly, wages stay the same.

I hope everyone is finding different ways to stay grounded, motivated to flourish and happy.

I was thinking about the 'face' as the most expressive physical feature we have. It shows how you feel, your emotions...;

Ain't it funny that
The way you feel
Shows on your face
And no matter, how you try to hide
It'll state your case

'Your Face' by Earth, Wind & Fire, says.

The face is first mode of communication in it purest form. You may have experienced looking at someone and understanding what's going on inside them. I believe even the least observant can perceive the subtle hints of sadness or happiness, desire and fear, interest or the lack thereof....

At this point, I'm also thinking "...but we often see what we want to see and some people wear masks". That my friends would be outside the purview of what I wanted to say in this instant train of thought. Only that I acknowledge that face.

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And that's all for now folks. Maybe you disagree with me and are more drawn to body language. Let me know.

Take care and stay safe



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