DOODLE NO. 1|Commission

Hello there!

Today I want to share another commission I worked on. This one was for the Cent platform, their Cent pages to be exact. Cent page is a web3, newsletter and art publisher in one place. I have a page there (links section) and I think it is a brilliant idea to have a creator dedicated platform like that.

One the commission, I was very happy when the platform reached out to me to join their Creators Doodle Program where they feature different artists every month and publish four doodles. Cent is one of my favourite platforms in that first cut is the deepest kind of thing. So yes, I was excited about this opportunity.

I also did my very first artist interview. I hate interviews, they make me feel awkward especially online interviews. Over the years, I have avoided them completely. I have some form of social anxiety that is not incapacitating but very much uncomfortable.

For the theme of my doodles, I chose DRINK UP, it is a reminiscence of the beginning of my art when interracting with other artists was my primary source of inspiration and the entire community was very much alive, all you had to do is drink up all that creativity and be inspired by the awesome people around. The same rings true today but now I find I have to seive through a lot of unnecessary things to get to the good stuff. So yes, cheers to creators and platforms supporting art communities, Hive, Cent, Creary to name a few.

In another way, Drink Up is my cheers to everyone who has been impactful on me and there are the folks I would love to share a drink with, literally and metaphorically.

So here I have, No. 1

Frankly, I'm on Cent.JPG

FRANKLY, I'M ON CENT is a free collectible art available only this September here

ART: Frankly, I'm on Cent

And that's all for now folks.

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