When I started the drawing for this painting on Saturday, my neighbor and close friend was around having breakfast with me and we chatted as I progressed.

At some point, she teased me on a mistake I had made so I told her I was unable to concentrate while carrying on with our conversation.

Well the mistake I had made was choosing a large canvas 2048×1556 which I know from experience makes Infinite Painter unstable. It got worse with each successive layer.


The good part was that I wasn't losing progress and could continue when I opened the project file again.

In the end, I had to wrap things up with a minimalist background to which my friend amusingly asks "...so what would you call it". "It's called 'Moving away from Distractions'", I reply as I get up and leave the kitchen, "I am the snail". Following me out she says, "I think you're the distraction"


I will edit this painting into a preferred version. It is incomplete as it is.

The End. Thank you for your attention.