I often take a break from painting and cool off making collages. This one made me laugh. Most of my art lately has been expressing some passing humorous thoughts. This was based on the statement "See I ain't saying she a blockminer but she ain't vibing with a No-coiner". The term 'No-coiner' is still relatively new to me. 'Blockminer' of course takes the place of 'gold digger'. As I mentioned, it is all humor expressed in a Collage. Something I hope would make you smile.

There is an unlockable text attached to this NFT which is a little reveal on certain facts about this portrait and it's reference to someone.

Note how I censored a little bit with that caution tape. The original Hi-resolution file (4000 × 5654 px 15.63mb) is available on request to a collector for value.