Coffee in the Morning

The wonderfully pleasant aroma of coffee in the morning

Okay, I'm really no good in the art of blogging or even writing about my art/process but I want to share my creations and that is what I will do.

I'm more into abstractions but lately I've been going out of my comfort zone to incorporate subjects into my abstract paintings.

Anyway, unlike in cooking, I do not stop every now and then to savor (and take screenshots of) each milestone to the climax. So here, I'm sharing my layers in a progressive order.

I used to start with a full sketch that gets refined into an outline before painting on it. However,that process takes too long for me. So now I finish each segment of an image to about 80% before moving to the next.


The drawing/painting is just the beginning of creating a piece. I love editing and manipulating images until I get them into a desired state.

The End

I am Voke. As a digital artist. I create art in a way that feels right for each art project. I am very much into abstractions but you can find me incorporating two or more art styles. My interests include pop art, collaging, glitching and processing.