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3 Days, No Call| Timelapse

Hello This is an abstract painting created while underneath the influence of music and how it made me feel at that moment. Entirely just for the fun of that moment.

Pure Essence 3

Hello and a good day to you, It has given me so much pleasure to work on this painting which is a part of a series titled PUre Essence.

Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away| Timelapse

Hello Here’s some art I made while taking a tea break. I got a little carried away because this was supposed to be a minimali

Pure Essence 2

Hello and a good day to you, it was a very relaxing weekend for me. This is the second of a collection and series titled ‘Pure

Untitled Abstract

So for so reason, my post duplicated itself and I don't know how that happened. Here's to damage control. Posting one of my Doodles

Abstraction 1| Nature, Patterns & Abstracts

Hello A quick abstract art share in two colour options

Pure Essence 1

Hello and a good day to you, The first of a collection and series titled Pure Essence. Deeply rooted in Afrocentrism, a


Alternative colour

The Last Ten Minutes

Here's a spontaneous painting I created putting together some random words. In this case, it was tomatoes and hair. I used wat

Tania, Are You Okay?

This painting has become a personal favourite. With watercolours and inks and intuition, I had a great combination.

Sometimes You Feel(and then you feel some more)

Here's a painting I finished recently. We went through some phases and here's where we ended Also notable

Forgiving More

I reworked the background for this painting. The previous background Here's some progress shots