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It's that time of the week to check the calendar for any surprises and there is usually one or two. I officially give up on reminders and any form of schedule. There's no getting me into any work routine and that's that.

The second portrait in the series BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTIONS is titled ALTER THOUGHTS


A long time ago I had a naked conversation on acceptance with an acquaintance. As human beings, we are capable of coming up with a thousand reasons why we don't like our 'neighbours'. The alternative thought here is that regardless of our differences in opinion, religion, culture, preferences....I won't say race because I believe there is only one human race.... we're all just ordinary people.

The result is that you could dislike a person but still have that human empathy towards them. The kind that makes you say;

I don't like you and how you think but I would never walk on by if I see you drowning. No, I will rescue you and thereafter continue on my way, maybe remembering the fact that I don't like you.

Maybe that's something with some worth.

And that's all for now folks.

Take care and stay safe



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