Voke is an artist I first came across on Cent. Their artworks offer us very powerful statements about the lived experience of being an artist. Translating what they see and feel into images that give us a glimpse into their thoughts and into their world. The bright strong colours sing about the Boldness and beauty of a life lived while also commenting on how the perceptions of others forms our world. Making the relationship of the viewer of the artwork to the object of the artwork a reminder that this object — viewer relationship pervades more than just the art world
blackboxdotart ,105Collective Art Feature, 2020

I started out of a deep desire to be creative and give life to some of my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to find a way to connect with an audience without words.

I was drawn into cryptoart in May, 2019 through my interactions on Cent, a social platform that had at that drawn together so many creatives from all around the world into a small community. Soon I was teaching myself to create the art I wanted to see, learning to draw and paint. In June, I became a cryptoartist.

At first I felt burdened by the traditional expectations that an artist ought to have a style or signature through we their art becomes distinct. However, through introspection, I decided to be free from restrictions. The result was the creation of my artist statement:

Creative expressions without boundaries

In practice I employ a variety of techniques. As an illustrator and artist my art can be identified under expressionism, poetry painting, abstract art, Pop art and Neo-pop art.

Voke as I've written of him[sic] is a bridge between experiential and experimental. A deep thoughtful person with a lot of hard work and attention to art. This is a moving piece of art touching on aesthetics as well as social dynamics of Nigerian culture....
Hulki Okan Tabak, KO Guest Editor




Graffiti Queens Decentraland Exhibition, 2021
Makersplace, Women of Cryptoart Exhibition, 2021

Email: ngracese@gmail.com