The process entailed repeatedly breaking and shuffling pieces of a painting. The fragments are then reconnected and balanced.


Hello there! I know this was supposed to be the last one but I got interested in this pattern again and created another portrait.

State of Mind: I am human #4

Hello there! I want to share this last piece in this collection.

State of Mind: I am human #3

This is the third portrait in this series, you can see the [first] (

State of Mind: I am human #2

Hello there! Hope you are well. As

The Right Spirit

The empire that is 'I' With the rel

Nobody Knows Me 1| Knownorigin

Hello there, how are you? I decided to add more pieces to the "The NOBODIES" collection. Here's No 1.

State of Mind: I am human #1

Hello there! Every had to recalibrate and reaffirm or is it come to terms with your humanity and all its limitations and weakness.

Whispers in the Wind| Makersplace


Blossomed with Curiosities| Makersplace

"For the flower is born neutral"

Thoughts and Feelings

The first of the Dryads. Thoughts and Feelings, because sometimes that's all you

Express Yourself

Life as a graffiti wall ART: Express Yourself CREATION DATE: May, 2022